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November 29, 2010

Toward a Definition of Graphic Design

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Graphic design is about a lot of things. It’s about communicating messages. It’s about merging ideas. It’s about art. It’s about beauty. It’s about being persuasive. It’s about insights. It’s about blending technology with psychology. For us, it’s also occasionally about gummy worms and foam finger fights. But it’s about mostly about what happens when experience, inspiration, creativity, and innovation team up to send an idea and a vibe from your brain to our brains to their brains.

Making The Contents of Your Brain Tangible

Thoughts, visions, and messages are the backbone of graphic design. So far, no one has ever asked us design anything that was not meant to communicate some kind of idea. So through graphic design, we take the thought bubble in the fluffy cloud floating above your head and convert it into something you can mail to a potential client.

Of course, if it was just about communicating ideas, there would be no need for graphic design, since that’s what written language is for. People would just write out what they wanted to say and pop it in the mail. But the message has to be shared in the right way, visually speaking, to get the intended reaction from your recipients. The way people see your marketing materials is very much the way they see you. So your graphic designer is not only sharing your message, but also putting it in the right package to share a positive feeling about you with your audience.

Technology and Psychology in Our Toolbox

So how do we share your ideas with a side of feelings? We use our knowledge of the human mind to determine what colors, layouts, and fonts will best communicate everything you explicitly and implicitly want to say. And we put it all together by harnessing the power of computer technology. The fact that we can combine our understanding of both of these things is what separates professional designers from random dudes who mess around in Microsoft Publisher. Desktop publishing software helps us finish the job that has been started long before we sat down at the keyboard.

Definition Schmefinition

In case you forgot the title of this post, it’s “Toward a Definition of Graphic Design.” And I think we did go toward it (at least we definitely didn’t go away from it!), so our work here is done. Like anything else that’s really involved, really big, and really cool, it turns out that a simple definition of graphic design is hard to come by. But we hope we let you in on a little bit of what our world and our process is like. Graphic design is exciting, chewy, magical, smooth, mystifying, zesty, and it’s something we are lucky enough to play with every day.

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