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frequently asked Questions


What paper stock should I use to print my design and why?

Very good question! Unfortunately it all depends on the overall goals for your printing or design project. There are numerous options that we would love to go over with you. Contact sales@impressprinting.net for samples and more information.

What’s the difference between a PDF and a print proof?

A PDF proof is called for when you are concerned with the layout, grammar, and punctuation of your printing or design project. This type of proof is the most efficient and cost effective way to receive a proof. If your job involves complicated folding, or needs to be color accurate it’s recommended that you see a print proof. Please be aware, print proofs are accurate to a 95% percentile, and you may see some variation in the color on your final print. Our project managers are always more than happy to guide you on the appropriate type of proof. Feel free to contact them at projects@impressprinting.com with any questions!


What are various materials you can print on? I want my logo on everything!

We can print on it all! From embroidering your logo onto wearables, imprinting it onto promotional products like coffee cups, hats, or water bottles or branding your logo onto business cards and stationary, we help get your name and brand out there. Contact sales@impressprinting.net to speak with a sales rep about more ideas!

Can you mail my printed piece for me?

Of course! One of our many serves is performing mass mailings, including providing demographic data if you need it.

Looking for better return on investment to recipients via personalized mailings? Contact our sales reps at sales@impressprinting.net for more information, or check out more information on direct mailing.

I have a trade show coming up and I need a display and promotional products. Does imPress do this?

You’re in luck! We have a multitude of services for trade shows, including large format displays and a slew of promotional products. We even do vehicle wraps for outdoor events! Inquire at sales@impressprinting.net for more details.


Do you only ship to one location, or can you ship to multiple locations if needed?

Much like Burger King, you can have it all! Whether directly to your office desk or drop shipped to multiple colleagues around the country, we’ll make your life easier by making sure your design or printed project gets to where it needs to go. Contact projects@impressprinting.net for more helpful shipping ideas.


Once my project is complete, how will I receive my invoice?

If we have your email address, we’ll be more than happy to email it over to you, or we will mail it directly to the address we have on file with you.

What is your billing policy?

We invoice projects upon completion, and payment is expected in full within 30 days with a completed credit form. Talk to your project manager about billing options. We are also more than happy to take MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX.

Our Company

Do you have a store front? I’d love to come in and see printed samples or talk to someone about my project.

While we don’t have a store front, we would be more than happy to put you in contact with one of our sales reps that could show you samples, discuss services, and answer your printing and design questions. Please contact sales@impressprinting.net for further details.

How does a broker work?

Our close attention to detail ensures that your project is properly prepared before, during, and after printing is completed. From distinctive bindings to complex folds, we make sure even the simplest project is manufactured in the best way possible to be the most affordable, to be the highest quality, and to really make you stand out. We’re also able to meet tight deadlines, since we have a multitude of vendors to choose from. We’ll find the right vendor who can accommodate your deadline.

Won’t I end up paying more for these services?

Because of our close relationship with many vendors and the amount that we purchase from them, we receive quantity discounts which allow us to be competitive in the printing industry, passing our savings down to you.

What is the normal turnaround time for my project?

Projects at imPress Printing typically take 7-10 business days. However; since the majority of our printing and design projects are custom, it’s best to contact your sales representative or project manager to get a better idea of what the turnaround on your particular project would be.

Design/ Art

How much do you charge for design?

Our design rate is $95/hour if required. Package pricing is also available. Please speak to your sales rep for more information.

Do I need to have my art from another designer print-ready, or can you help me with that?

We can absolutely help you prepare your artwork for printing! We can help ensure that your files are print ready. Our process is to review and verify that design and art on every project is ready to print before it goes into production so you can be sure your files will be printed accurately.

Think your files are ready to go? See our pre-flight checklist for additional information.

I have artwork, but I need an edit made to it- is there a design charge?

We can definitely help with you edits to the design for your print projects. As mentioned above, our design charge is $95/hour, and all edits are subjected to this charge. Please contact projects@impressprinting.net for design quotes.

What types of files do you prefer for design and printing?

Thanks for asking! We prefer native files accompanied by a PDF for reference. Feel free to contact projects@impressprinting.net though if you have any questions regarding the files that you have.

How can I send files to you?

We accept files three different ways: via email, a cd/dvd or flash drive, or ftp. Feel free to contact your project manager at projects@impressprinting.net if you’re unsure of the best method to get your files to us or to request our FTP information.

What steps can I expect to see once I start a job with you?

We go through a multitude of steps during the course of a project to ensure that it turns out exactly as you originally envisioned it. First, you’ll receive a detailed quote with the exact specs of your project. Then, an art proof which shows you the design of your project, and a production proof that shows you exactly what your artwork will look like printed. Then your project will go into production- where all the magic happens! Finally, your project is delivered or mailed wherever you need it to go!