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pre-flight Checklist

Please use this checklist as you prepare to send your files to imPress for preflight and printing. This will help ensure that your files print correctly and helps us give you a quicker turnaround time on your job. Our first Preflight Check of your job is free of charge. However if your files fail preflight, you can either submit repaired files for a flat fee of $25.00, or we can make the necessary changes to your files for a fee of $95.00 an hour. Questions? Please contact us at 518.465-0659 or artwork@impressprinting.net.


  • All fonts (printer and screen) are collected in a folder marked “FONTS.”
  • Fonts in any linked/placed artwork have been converted to outlines.
  • For Illustrator and InDesign files, provide 2 versions of your file: an unoutlined version and a second version with fonts converted to outlines.


  • CMYK (full color projects): All spot colors have been converted to 4-color process; no spot or RGB colors should appear in your color palette if this has been done properly; All photos/images have been converted to CMYK.
  • 2 color jobs: Only the two spot colors used in the project show up in the color palette.
  • 1 color jobs: Only one spot color appears in the color palette.
    • For ALL jobs, regardless of color:

      • Any unused colors have been deleted from your color palette.
      • All colors used in linked/placed files follow the same color naming as those in your layout.

Artboard, Etc:

  • All unwanted items deleted from the artboard/ outside the margins.
  • If your project bleeds off the page, your file should be set up to allow for at least an 1/8th of an inch (.125") bleed on all sides.

Support or Linked Files:

  • The most current version of all placed files are included.
  • Keep File Names Short!! Under 10 characters.
  • Update any modified links
  • Resolution of images should be at least 200 dpi at 100% of final size; 300 dpi is preferred.
  • All sizing, cropping, rotating, color conversion done in the original art program. (Illustrator or Photoshop).
  • NO RGB IMAGES ARE USED for print material.
  • Link or place support files in the document; do not embed them.
  • Any linked files are placed in a folder marked “LINKS” or “PICTURES”

File Collection:

  • Quark or InDesign: Files are COLLECTED or PACKAGED (as opposed to just being dragged & dropped to a folder.)
  • Include a low-resolution pdf of the file for proofing purposes.

If Sending Only PDF Files:

  • All fonts are embedded
  • All images are high resolution CMYK or greyscale, and the pdf file itself is HIGH RESOLUTION.
  • Crop Marks and bleeds are included on all PDF's.
  • Provide a PDF in CMYK colorspace for 4-color jobs; For 2 or 3-color jobs, a composite AND a color separated pdf should be provided.

Getting Files to Impress:

  • Via the Impress Printing FTP Site:

    Ideal for Rush Jobs. Either using an FTP Client software such as Cyberduck or Fetch; or from your internet browser.

    To upload your files, please e-mail artwork@impressprinting.net for our FTP information.

  • Email:

    Ideal for Rush Jobs. If the file/files you are submitting are under 10 MB, they can be emailed to: artwork@impressprinting.net and make sure to CC your sales rep in on the email.

  • On Disk:

    We can also accept files on DVD/CD. Please contact your sales rep to arrange for pickup.